Sign of the Times

Our existing office signage which has been up since 1983, has been updated with our new branding & Logo. The lighting installation has also been updated to LED which will give us around a 50% saving in energy & maintenance free for at least 20 years with a far superior lighting output.

Meet our new member to the team

Along with our new branding, we have a new Boss!!! Small, Quiet, Energy Efficient & ready to pay you a visit. We strive to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible so we now employ this little guy to take us to site visits & meetings around town.

Accredited safe contractor plus status

We are we proud to announce we have new been accredited safe contractor plus status

Ron Clark Electrical & Sons mission, is to provide effective and efficient Electrical Service & progressive health & safety by exceeding client expectations with a professional service at all times

SafeContractor was initially developed as a bespoke project for a Property Management client, who wished to outsource the annual vetting of contractors on its approved list. Interest shown by other clients identified the potential for a standardised system that could be offered to the whole company’s client base.

In 1999, Supply Line was born. After further development the product was expanded to provide web based access to its clients, and was re-branded as SafeContractor in 2003.

Steady growth and the adoption of the system by some major brand names such as Kellogg, Debenhams Retail Plc, Home Retail Group and General Motors UK, saw entry into new client markets and further growth in contractor members.

SafeContractor is part of the Alcumus Group, the market-leading provider of technology-enabled compliance risk management, certification and verification services.

Alcumus employs circa 700 people and supports more than 30,000 clients in the UK and internationally with their Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) strategies.


It was built in 1920–1921 as a cinema, called the Whiteladies Picture House, by James Henry LaTrobe and Thomas Harry Weston (1870–1923) and opened by Duchess of Beaufort on 29 November 1921. It formerly had a ballroom and restaurant but, in 1978, the large single screen was removed and the building split into three screens. As part of the ABC chain, the cinema was eventually absorbed by Odeon, in a merger undertaken by the private equity firm Cinven. With another Odeon nearby on Broadmead‘s Union Street, the decision was taken to close down and sell the Whiteladies in 1999.

We were employed to install temporary site supply’s to allow the refurbishment of all the origin  decorative ornamental plasterwork and scagliola.



The existing installation at a residential care home consisted of ten very old obsolete federal electric Stab-lok distribution boards. Manufactured 1950`s – 1980`s

We carried out the replacement of all these distribution boards using new Schneider Electric Acti 9 distribution boards. The work was carried out in normal working hours in 5 day, with very little disruption to the 45 flats & residents. We then rebuilt cupboards around the distribution for added security.



As the result of an EICR (Installation Condition Report) we carried out on this 57 room residential care home, it was found that the majority of the MCCB`s were failing to trip on over current, & those that did would not reset.

One of the issues was that isolating this sub main distribution board would mean the whole site would be without power for the duration on the DB replacement; this would mean the all residents would have to be relocated for this period which would have had a massive impact on the vulnerable residents. There was no room to install a new distribution board in a different location & then transfer the circuits over

Our solution was to isolate the DB remove it from the wall & secure it in a positon where we could then connect up a generator to run the site for the duration

We then installed a new Eaton MCCB board in its position, reconnected the mains supply, & then transfer all the existing circuits over, caring out testing & then re-energizing each circuit. one at a time

The work was carried out in normal working hours in one long day, with very little disruption to the 57 flats & residents.



rsz_img_4388We are pleased to welcome the latest addition to our team, Cindy Savage.

Cindy has been taken on as our Accounts Clerk, she has been bought in to work alongside our Office Manager Sally.

Since she joined us in October 2014, her 35 years of experience have proved invaluable and she is doing a great job. It’s great to have a new face at Ron Clark Electrical & Sons!



Workmen took blowtorches to the ship today to cut out and remove the artist Banksy’s painting of the Grim Reaper from just above the waterline on the steel hull.

The artist painted the Grim Reaper onto the ship around 15 years ago, but exposure to the elements is causing ongoing deterioration.

Recognising the artwork’s iconic status and to preserve the image we decided to remove it while the boat is in dry dock for general maintenance, which happens only every eight years.

We approached Bristol City Council about a new home for the Grim Reaper and have arranged to loan the valuable artwork on a long term basis. It is now in the storage facilities of Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives. The Grim Reaper will now be assessed for his conservation needs and means of display before going on public show at M Shed some weeks or months later.

George Akins of DHP Family said: “It is great that we have been able to work with Bristol City council to display this iconic Bristol artwork. We really wanted to make sure, that although it is being removed from its intended setting, people could still see it for free and will now get a better view of it.

“To be clear we have no intention of selling the Banksy, we just wanted to preserve the piece of art before it deteriorated too much and we wouldn’t have had another opportunity to do this for a further 8 years.”

Image courtesy of Theo Cottle.

– See more at:

I think it is now at the m shed on display




Thekla is a cargo ship which houses a music venue of the same name, moored in the Mud Dock area of Bristol’s Floating Harbor, England. Originally brought to Bristol as the Old Profanity Showboat, it was a late 1982 brainchild of novelist Ki Longfellow-Stanshall, the wife of Vivian Stanshall. The showboat was based on the idea of creating, owning, and running a theatre on a sea-going ship and using it to showcase music of every sort (limited only by the size of the hold), including cabaret, comedy, plays, musicals, and poetry events. The ship also contained an art gallery. During the 1990s, under new management, it was run as a rent-a-nightclub. The ship has now been returned to its original working name of Thekla.