Test And Inspection


We are able to provide electrical inspection and testing for a whole range of installations and appliances, everything from small shops and privately owned rental properties, to large office blocks and warehouse installations.

Electrical testing and inspection covers the following areas:

  • Periodic electrical testing of a property or fixed installation.
  • PAT (Portable Appliance Testing).
  • Testing of emergency lighting.
  • Fire alarm tests.
  • Fixed equipment testing.

At Ron Clark Electrical & Sons we benefit from many years of experience in dealing with the various electrical tests that are required by law. Ever-changing industry safety regulations make it hard to keep on top of your requirements, so why not hand this process over to us? We will provide you with the relevant electrical specialists as and when you need them, and they will do the necessary safety checks and provide you with the appropriate certification.

Over time electrical installations will slowly deteriorate and breakdown due to corrosion, environmental factors, ageing and general wear and tear. For this reason, periodic electrical safety checks can save you money as well as keeping your facility safe. Spotting problems early, then performing maintenance and upgrades, can prevent bigger breakdowns that would ultimately be more costly.

Please don’t hesitate to get e-mail us at info@ronclarkelectrical.com if you would like guidance on timescales (for example, did you know that portable buildings require electrical testing every three months, rather than once a year?), regulations, electrical safety, or just to find out a little more about the service you may require.