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Our family-run business has a reputation for quality and service that has been built during more than 30 years in the electrical industry. All of our electricians are highly skilled and fully qualified.

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Maintenance & Breakdown

The best way to prevent breakdowns is to have regular electrical maintenance performed at your facility. In addition to routine maintenance and upgrades (e.g. replacing all fuses every 12 months), our electricians can also spot recognise and deal with any minor faults, thus preventing larger breakdowns from occurring in the future.

Testing & Inspection

Ever-changing industry safety regulations make it hard to keep on top of your requirements, so why not hand this process over to us? We will provide you with the relevant electrical specialists on demand and they will do the necessary safety checks and provide you with the appropriate certification.

Lighting Installation

We have a specialist lighting design team with many years of experience. No matter how specific your requirements, our experts will be able to offer the advice and guidance you need to achieve the lighting set up you personally require. 

Hazardous Work

Our qualified experts can deliver annual safety inspections and advise on general maintenance. If faults are detected, we will carry out the necessary work and provide you with your required safety certification upon completion of the task.

Are you Energy Efficient?

One of the most popular services we currently offer is an energy efficiency survey. This involves comparing the current cost of lighting your premises to the reduced cost of a new energy efficient system. With new LED lighting systems, it is remarkable how much money you can save by changing your lighting system, particularly in larger facilities with numerous lights.

The government also offers Enhanced Capital Allowance on any changes to your premises that result in improved energy efficiency, so you even get an additional tax break to help out with the cost of upgrading your lighting!

Are you compliant with the latest regulations?

Did you know that portable buildings require electrical testing every three months, rather than once a year?

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“A family run business with a reputation for Quality and Service”