As the result of an EICR (Installation Condition Report) we carried out on this 57 room residential care home, it was found that the majority of the MCCB`s were failing to trip on over current, & those that did would not reset.

One of the issues was that isolating this sub main distribution board would mean the whole site would be without power for the duration on the DB replacement; this would mean the all residents would have to be relocated for this period which would have had a massive impact on the vulnerable residents. There was no room to install a new distribution board in a different location & then transfer the circuits over

Our solution was to isolate the DB remove it from the wall & secure it in a positon where we could then connect up a generator to run the site for the duration

We then installed a new Eaton MCCB board in its position, reconnected the mains supply, & then transfer all the existing circuits over, caring out testing & then re-energizing each circuit. one at a time

The work was carried out in normal working hours in one long day, with very little disruption to the 57 flats & residents.